Forest Reference Level

Forest Reference Level

Forest Reference Emission Level and Forest Reference Level (FREL/FRL) are benchmarks for assessing the performance of implementing REDD+ activities. Before PNG begins reducing emissions from the forest sector, it must determine a starting point based on historical levels of emissions. This is known as FREL. According to international guidance, FRELs should consider historical land use change trends and national circumstances such as future development scenarios. PNG is required to develop a Forest Reference Emission Level that represents the expected evolution of GHG emissions from the forest sector in the absence of REDD+.

What has happened?

The PNG Forest Authority, with support from the UN-REDD Programme and the European Union has developed the country’s Forest Reference Level which was completed in 2017. The FRL was submitted to the UNFCCC for further technical review in 2018 for technical review. The FRL provides information on the levels of GHG emissions and removals from PNG’s forests and provides the central information needed to target actions to reduce PNG’s level of GHG emissions from the forestry and land-use sector.

The FRL was submitted to the UNFCCC for technical assessment in January 2017. See the documents from a link click here.