Communications & Knowledge

Communications & Knowledge

Communications and Knowledge Management (CKM) Strategy:

Raising awareness and increasing knowledge about forests, climate change, and the REDD+ readiness activities and process, and linking these to ongoing government initiatives is keyto overcomingcapacity gaps and lack of understanding on the progress and developments of REDD+ in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Recognizing this as a crucial element, PNG has developed its REDD+ Communications and Knowledge Management strategy 2017-2020 and endorsed in 2017 for implementation. The main goal of the communications strategy is to support the REDD+ readiness process by enhancing communication and knowledge with all relevant stakeholders on REDD+ within the context of PNG. (The CKM Strategy – PDF file)


Communications Materials:

REDD+ Briefs:

  • Introduction to REDD+ (PDF)
  • National REDD+ Strategy (PDF)
  • REDD+ Finance (PDF)
  • Managing Impacts of Commercial Agriculture on PNG’s Forests (PDF)
  • REDD+ Safeguards in PNG (PDF)
  • Gender inclusiveness and participation in REDD+ (PDF)

Posters and Infographics:

  • Climate Change Poster (PDF)
  • REDD+ in Forests Infogrphic (PDF)

Yearly Planner:

  • 2019 Planner (PDF)