National Forest Monitoring System

National Forest Monitoring System

A National Forest Monitoring System provides transparent information on the status of forests in a country. It has two core functions: 1) To monitor changes within a country’s forests: this will help improve forest management and planning; and 2) To measure, report and verify (MRV) levels of GHG emissions from forests. The NFMS will generate data and reports on PNG’s GHG emissions from forests that will be sent to the UNFCCC and form the basis for results-based payments from the international community.

What has happened?

The Government of PNG, in partnership with the UN- REDD Programme and JICA, has been developing systems to map and monitor the country’s forests – “Terra PNG” (managed by CCDA) and the National Forest Monitoring Portal(http://png-nfms.org/portal/) (managed by the PNGFA). This information will be linked with ground- based forest measurements through the National Forest Inventory to measure the carbon stocks of PNG’s forests. The Forest Monitoring portal was established and launched by the government in 2016.

Photo: Papua New Guinea officially launched its National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) web portal in 2016 to increase transparency of REDD+ system.