Training and Awareness Raising

Training and Awareness Raising

Experiences in other countries have demonstrated that where awareness raising is left to the initiative of individual partners, messages provided to stakeholders on REDD+ may be unclear, confusing or conflicting. While one of the safeguards for REDD+ included in the Cancun Agreements is the full and effective participationof all stakeholders, it is important to understand that a full and effective participation can only be ensured if stakeholders are effectively and accurately informed about REDD+. Thus, affectively raising awareness and understanding as well as communicating about REDD+ to key relevant stakeholders, especially at the beginning of its programme Readiness implementation, are critical to ensure respect for this safeguard.

The Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) as a leading government agency on climate change in close consultation with core government communications working group has developed a National REDD+ Communications and Knowledge Management Strategy (CKMS) to support the implementation of PNG’s National REDD+ Strategy. Yet, an Awareness Raising Plan (ARP) was also developed to further support to the CKMS plan, and to help guide and enhance understanding and raise awareness of broader aspects of REDD+ to larger stakeholder groups, and to meet the set goal as stated in the CKMS.

Actions and activities under the ARP is available upon request and its implementation will be continaully updated on this website.

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